Munin Installation

cd /usr/local/src


rpm -ivh rpmforge-release-0.3.6-1.el5.rf.i386.rpm

yum install munin

yum install munin-node

vi /etc/munin/munin.conf

htmldir /var/www/html/munin

mkdir /var/www/html/munin

cp -rp /etc/munin/html/* to /var/www/html/munin

chown -R munin.munin /var/www/html/munin

allow port 4949 in firewall

restart httpd, crond, munin-node


3 thoughts on “Munin Installation

  1. Alessio says:

    I installed mod_watch for use with munin and cpanel/whm and I setting the links for view watch table and now I dont see graph in munin report, you can help me?
    I use mod_watch 4 with apache 2, Centos and configured plugin on munin-node


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